9.    Submission of appeals.

     (1) Every first or second appeal shall.-

(i)    be in writing in Form 11 and accompanied by the chalan for proof of having paid the fees prescribed under rule 16;

(ii)   specify the name and address of the appellant,

(iii)  specify the date of the order against which appeal is made,

(iv)  contain a clear state next of facts,

(v)   state precisely and in brief the brief prayed for; and 3

(vi)  be signed and verified by the appellant.

(2)      The memorandum of appeal shall be accompanied by either the order in original against which appeal is made or the duly authenticated copy thereof, unless the omission to produce such order or copy is explained at the time of the presentation of the appeal to the satisfaction of the appellate authority.

(3)      The memorandum of appeal shall be presented by the appellant or be sent to the appropriate authority by registered post.