The memorandum of association of every Producer Company shall state : -

(a) the name of the company with "Producer Company Limited" as the last words of the name of such Company ;

(b) the State in which the registered office of the Producer Company is to situate ;

(c) the main objects of the Producer Company shall be one or more of the objects specified in section 581B ;

(d) the names and addresses of the persons who have subscribed to the memorandum ;

(e) the amount of share capital with which the Producer Company is to be registered and division thereof into shares of a fixed amount ;

(f) the names, addresses and occupations of the subscribers being producers, who shall act as the first directors in accordance with sub-section (2) of section 581J ;

(g) that the liability of its members is limited ;

(h) opposite to the subscriber's name the number of shares each subscriber takes :

Provided that no subscriber shall take less than one share ;

(i) in case the objects of the Producer Company are not confined to one State, the States to whose territories the objects extend.