The firm is led by its enigmatic proprietor - Advocate Paras Kochar, who possesses the enlightenment associated with over 30 years of experience, an experience that can be attributable in the harbinger of wisdom in men. Mr. Kochar has in-depth knowledge of Direct Taxation and Corporate laws, something that makes him hold to the most objective viewpoint of various legal operations despite being professionally involved directly. His dictum “Observation Matters As Much As Participation” makes him a man of prudence and fierce decision making, many of them harboring on correctness.


A prominent orator in his own rights and quite customary to holding large masses of people in awe, Mr. Kochar has been the key speaker of many seminars, many of which kind he also plans to organize through his visionary organization-in-making Swastik Knowledge Care (P) Ltd. This masterful ramification is anticipated with bated breath.


The firm has been instrumental in efficiently handling myriad income tax raid cases in its pan nation efforts. Direct tax law experts, firm secretaries, chartered accountants and senior advocates handpicked by Mr. Kochar himself have cumulatively ensured work brilliance over a long period of time in respect of appeals, scrutiny, assessment, settlement commission matter and other allied matter. Perhaps, the most appeasing aspect of the firm is its continuous endeavor to stretch its tether, never getting tired of its last eccentrically magnanimous achievement.


This client-oriented set-up precisely understands that each client needs to be a study in segregation and that their individual demands ask for customized solutions. While it is practical to follow precedence and learn from other allied matters, the firm does not offer off-the-rack legal solutions. Maintaining confidentiality is the top most priority of this firm that strives to render the most practical legal solutions to suit the specific needs of each of its esteemed client.


Since its inception in 1979, it has provided guaranteed satisfaction to many salaried people, professionals, distinguished businesspersons, corporate heads, NGO’s and motley trusts. As an additive to Direct Tax, the firm also looks after Company Law, Finance, Civil Law and Real Estate.

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